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Frame Bird Feeder

Frame Bird Feeder

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The most picturesque bird feeder around. This lovingly designed bird feeder offers a picture perfect setting for all your favourite feathered visitors. A traditional bird feeder styled as a classic artistic picture frame provides the ideal way to capture wildlife in its natural setting, with a gentle, humorous twist. So whether you know anything about art, you certainly know what you like, and there's nothing quite like seeing some of nature's most colourful and friendly creatures flying in for a quick nibble in your garden. With the Frame Feeder, feeding time has never been prettier, and you can be sure of always having the most beautifully composed natural portraits to brighten up your day. The Frame Feeder's picture frame is made from plastic, and comes with a removable stainless steel feeding bowl within which to put your nuts, seeds and bird feed. The Frame Feeder also comes with a stainless steel hanging chain making it easy to affix the feeder wherever most appropriate in your garden or balcony. The picture frame measures 240mm high and 190mm wide, or approximately 9.5 x 7.5 inches. The Frame Feeder is ideal for gardens or balconies, and the stainless steel feeding bowl is easy to remove for cleaning.

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